Mar 20 2009

Configure MySQL for UTF-8

Ever saved a record into a MySQL database and upon retrieval of the record, you realized that the non-latin characters(e.g. Asian characters) don't quite turn up as expected? Specifically, they turn up as a bunch of "?".

Mar 08 2009

Learning Ruby

As I delved more into the world of the Ruby Programming language, I am discovering tools and resources that would be of help to someone new to Ruby. I want to log my learnings as I go along in hope that it would benefit anyone who might be trudging down this same path.

Mar 03 2009

Using Ruby Modules

In my recent pursue of learning Rails, I have gotten a lot more exposure to Ruby. The Ruby programming language is pretty in terms of its syntax and the semantics. It is object-oriented and allow classes to import modules as mixins, which is the subject of this post.

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