Aug 28 2008

Meet the Luna Racer

It is official. I am addicted to buying shoes. Just got myself another pair of Nikes. This time, it is one of the newest designs from Nike, specially made for the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Jul 05 2008

Here We Go Again

Every now and then, we need a fresh coat of paint to cover up the monotony of life. A brand new look as some might say. It is raw, plain and ugly but somehow I like it. Whether this new look will be permanent, I do not really know for sure. For now, I think it gives me a good base to work from.

May 15 2008

Bike To Work Day

May 15 is "Bike To Work Day" in San Francisco and I participated in it. I have actually stopped cycling to work for the past few weeks back due to various reasons. One of which is that my pinkie is healing and I did not want to aggravate it (although I think it is more due to laziness).

May 09 2008

Dragonlance DVD

I would never have believed if I did not see it with my own eyes. An animated movie of Dragonlance! Dragonlance is one of the first few series of fantasy novels that I read when I was growing up. I absolutely enjoyed it, especially The Chronicles Trilogy.

Apr 29 2008

It Is Not A Sonogram

It has been 3 weeks since I went to the hospital to check on my pinkie. Since then, it has been firmly lodged in a splinter. The doctor scheduled a follow-up to check how the healing is going.

Apr 19 2008

When Left Becomes Right

Sometimes I feel like everything I know in my life changed overnight. Right becomes left and left is now right... literally.

Apr 12 2008

Broke My Pinkie

I know I haven't been updating this blog recently but I have a valid excuse for it! Well, apparently I did break my pinkie when I had that fall off my bike a month ago. I thought it was a bad sprain and I applied the general rule of "if it is broken, it will hurt like a bitch if you try to bend it". It sure did not hurt that bad when i try to bend it.

Mar 10 2008

I Rode To Work

I made it in one piece! Rode my bike to the office from the BART station in the morning and then back to the BART station in the evening.

Mar 09 2008

Finally Got My Bike

It has been on my mind for a while and today I finally got off my ass and did something about it. I went out and got myself a road bike.

Mar 02 2008

The Orange GTI

There is this orange Volkswagon GTI that I kept seeing around the neighbourhood of my workplace.

Feb 17 2008

A Walk Around Lake Merritt

It's been a while since I last wrote anything. Things got a little hectic for a while and days just flew past me in a whizz. In the midst of all that frenzy, I did manage to take a little time off to do something new and different.

Jan 27 2008

My ATH-ES7 Earsuit

Got myself a new set of headphones from the Audio Technica's Earsuit range. Decided to replace my Grados SR80 with the Audio-Technica ATH-ES7. Got it from at a price way cheaper than the recommended retail price.

Jan 22 2008

My Bookshelf

I have always enjoyed reading and buying books, more so the ones on technical topics. It can almost be like an addiction for me. I wish for more hours in a day, just so that I have more time to read my books. One of my daily joys is to have the time to read when I commute to work. It was something I missed doing when I was driving.

Jan 14 2008

Reunion With An Old Friend

Been deliberating on this for a while, did a bit of reading and catching up on the updates and I have decided to re-visit an old friend of mine: World of Warcraft.

Dec 29 2007

My Recent Online Purchases

In the past month, I made several purchases online and I thought it would be interesting just to go through the kind of items that I am willing to buy off the World Wide Web.

Dec 22 2007

Nice Walk On A Cold Night

It was 21st December, the last work day of year 2007. After a hearty meal with my colleagues, I took a nice slow walk from my workplace to the train station. It was quite chilly but somehow I enjoyed it. With my Shures stuck tightly into my earbuds and my hands snugly tucked in the pockets of my jacket, I strolled down the streets.

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